Monday, April 27, 2020

Question 4

Question 4: How did you integrate technologies in this project?

Question 3

Question 3: How did your production skills develop throughout this project?

Question 2

Question 2: How does your product engage with audiences and how would it be distributed as a real media text?

Question 1

Question 1: How does your product use or challenge conventions and how does it represent social groups or issues? 

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Feature Article Draft

Dee Jamila , Who Is She?

Born in the developing country of Dominican Republic, Dee Jamila, came to the United States when she was just sixteen years old, with a modeling dream in mind. She moved with her mother and little sister, all knowing little to no English. But they didn’t have a dream in mind, unlike the special Dee. She pulled countless all nighters to learn English and get into the advanced classes in her high school. She ended up graduating top ten percent of her class and going to UCF. It wasn’t until she was in her first year of college that her modeling career took off.

                When she first joined UCF, she joined a sorority, which later helped her make connections to the entertainment business. One of her sorority sisters had a big following on the then popular app, vine, becoming friends with her and being tagged in her videos and pictures, gave her a bigger following on her already growing platform.

                 In today’s day and age, social media is everything. Dee’s growing following was a huge factor with how she blew up so fast. She then had companies and scouts DMing her after catching their eye. Her first major fashion company she signed with was Kodak Black’s Sniper Gang. It started with her shooting the first shoot, DMing the brand’s page. After the people in charge saw her page and past photoshoots, they gave our young Dee her first chance in the spotlight.

                 The next big thing she was working on was music videos. She featured in Drake, Bad Bunny, and several other small artists music videos. In some of these videos she’s seen in bathing suits, bodysuits, and crop tops. Posing in these types of outfits, she’s showing that she embraces her body and does what SHE wants with it, not what other people want her to.

                She’s a part of the LGTB community, even though she doesn’t believe in labels, when asked about it she says, “I’m open minded”. She’s had several past boyfriends, however, is currently with a girlfriend.

                With these two facts in mind, these are just some reasons why our company, ”Self” have chosen the one and only beautiful Dee Jamila to be the face of our magazine. She already has two of our main components, body positivity and LGTB.

Monday, March 23, 2020

Question 4

Question 4: How did you integrate technologies in this project?